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Bernadette Hanley - Director

Compas Direct Services Limited has been involved in the cleaning industry for many years and our experience in this business means we provide a full range of services for domestic cleaning, carpet cleaning and computer cleaning.

We recognise that our clients need to be able to get the best value from their investments and our aim is to ensure that the work we undertake is lasting and has real benefit.

Kevin Jones – Director

Our computer cleaning services, via Mr PC Clean, can demonstrate that its service increases product life and reduces the number of days lost at work, by staff, through  keyboard infections.  These direct benefits mean that our clients are able to save money and be more productive.

The same can be said about our carpet cleaning division Bone-Dry.  The carpet cleaning technique we use is true ecological cleaning.  The carpets are left in a dry state and this means that they are ready for use immediately after the service is complete.

Our many thousands of clients across the UK recognise that being able to use the carpet immediately, without the risk of slipping on the wet surface or fearing damage through shrinkage, not only reduces any health and safety risk but also increases the life of the carpet.

Both of the services described are available to both domestic and commercial users.

These are just two examples how some the divisions of Compas Direct Services Limited make an impact.  Our cleaning services follow the mantra of “repair not replace”.  By using the latest technology and proven techniques, we are able to make a real difference, save our clients money and improve morale through a clean environment.

In order to keep the travelling costs to a minimum, we utilise a specially trained and selected group of franchise outlets across the UK.  These dedicated people are based locally to you, understand any local requirements and are on hand to offer advice.  All of our franchisees are in receipt of regular training, support and review to ensure that the quality of service they provide maintains the standard expected of the brand.  Ask them to see the local testimonials they have.  They will be pleased to show you.

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